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‘Poetry Reading’ – A 38 word Story For Trifecta

An intriguing prompt from Trifecta for this week’s 33 word story.
We want 33 words in addition to and preceding the following:
‘That wasn’t what I meant.’

Poetry Reading

It’s no good screaming like that, you’ve only yourself to blame, you let me in. When I told you I’d love to come in for a coffee and read some of your poems, that wasn’t what I meant.


23 thoughts on “‘Poetry Reading’ – A 38 word Story For Trifecta

  1. Love your take on the prompt.
    I couldn’t quite get the last line to go with the rest of my story but you sir, pulled it off perfectly!


  2. are you watching too much Law & Order SVU like I have been lately?
    you always find such a seamless way to incorporate the words, this is no exception.


  3. And all at once, Mike takes us on a new journey with his talented writing. This is so dark and compelling. I can see eyes gleam and flash as the character speaks. Well done, Mike. You darn well better be writing some longer works, sir!


  4. Now this is exactly why I only share my work on trusted sites like Trifecta. True, there isn’t coffee. but still… This was an amazingly creepy piece in so few words, Mike! Better than coffee any day:)


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