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‘I Need A Man’ – A Story For ‘hitRECord’

In response to a post I wrote recently called, ‘Where Is Your Audience?’  a fellow writer, Adrian George Nicolae  kindly told me about a site called ‘hitRECord’ which allows you to put up work – stories, art work, films, etc. and then allow other people to take your work and develop it in some way. (I didn’t explain that well! Go and check out the site for a fuller explanation.)

I decided to post a dialogue only story which, hopefully, someone might take and develop in to a short film – who knows? Here is that story:


I Need A Man

“I need a man.”

“Certainly madam. Have you anything particular in mind? We pride ourselves on having a wide selection. I’m sure we can find something to suit.”

“That’s why I’m here. My friends all say that you are the best. Expensive but with a good reputation for only delivering quality.”

“Thank you madam. Your friends have advised you well. Our establishment is the very best. We are proud to say that many of the rich and the famous like to shop here. Now, this man that madam needs.’

“Ah yes. This is all a bit new to me, could you give me some idea of what it is you have to offer.”

“Of course madam. We cater for all tastes and do our very best to keep up with the latest trends. The fashion at the moment is for the slightly older, more experienced man. He is cultured, well read, with a good sense of humour and has travelled a lot. We do those in various sizes and colours.”

“What about, you know, the bedroom ……. I’m sorry I find this bit embarrassing.”

“You have nothing to worry about their madam. All our models have been fully tested in that department. In fact we offer a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.”

“That sounds great. By the way do they come with names?”

“That is optional madam. We can name them for you but it does cost extra. We find that the majority of our customers like to name them themselves.”

“I do have just one slight problem. I’m afraid I have a tendency to get bored with my men very quickly.”

“Ah, in that case madam you might be interested in our latest range. We’ve not had them long but they are proving to be extremely popular. We call them our ‘Disposable Men’.”

“A disposable man, that sounds intriguing. How exactly does that work.”

“It’s very simple madam. As soon as you’ve had enough of this model you just let us know. We then send one of our staff over to you and dispose of that model quickly, quietly and, of course, very discreetly. We operate a 24 hour service so we are available any time any where.”

“Wonderful. That sounds ideal. Have you got some samples I could have a look at?”

“Of course madam, come this way. Would madam like to see them clothed or unclothed?”



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