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Charlie’s Boots


Copyright – Adam Ickes

Every night they’re out there on the porch, a pair of old boots. When I wake in the morning, they’re gone. It’s like someone is visiting me at the end of the day but I don’t know who. I’m all alone out here, have been for years. Ain’t been nobody knocking on my door for a long time. I’ve searched, of course, in case someone’s playing tricks on me but there’s nobody there. Funny thing is they look like my Charlie’s boots, except they can’t be. I buried him and his boots twenty years ago, just after I shot him.


An intriguing photo prompt this week from Friday Fictioneers. Here’s my 100-word story.


24 thoughts on “Charlie’s Boots

  1. Yikes!Ghastly ghost of the past sneaking up to demand its pound of flesh I guess ?But then twenty years have passed-maybe it is tine for her to go pay her debts in the other world?A great take ion the prompt Mike-enjoyed it:-)


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