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The Ferry



The ferry had been fitted with the latest technology and the last human operator had retired almost two years ago. Now the on board computer ensures the boat runs on time and efficiently, day after day.

Passengers got used to a computerised voice wishing them a good day, many even started saying thank you as they disembarked.

The virus that engulfed the globe six months ago annihilated all of Earth’s living creatures but had no affect on mankind’s machines.

The ferry continues it’s daily journey, its digital captain oblivious to his lack of passengers, his daily, cheery adieu, goes unheard.


A great picture from Ted Strutz is the prompt this week for Friday Fictioneers 100 word story.




Now that I'm retired I have more time to devote to writing my blog and creating short stories.

31 thoughts on “The Ferry

    1. I have to interject a comment here. Bath a thousand years ago, when I was a young folk singer in San Francisco, I put that Ray Bradbury poem to music and it was part of my set. Ah, the history of the Coffee Gallery, Cedar Alley and Precarious Visions – old hangouts in the last of the beatnik era.


  1. Your stories are very fun to read! However, you should work on correcting any grammar mistakes before publishing them. Especially since you take pride in your stories. I can understand when mistakes come from your characters, but narrators aren’t supposed to make any in texts. Otherwise, good job, I love your stories.


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