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‘Mirror Image’ – A Story For Visual Dare

Some wonderful photo prompt’s from Visual Dare this week. I was intrigued with this one.


Mirror Image

You can scream as much as you like my dear, I’m not letting you out. What’s that? You promise you’ll behave. That’s what you said last time. It took me days to clear up your mess. Sweet old Mrs. Delaney, downstairs, is still having nightmares. They reckon she’ll be on medication for the rest of her life, poor dear.

What do you mean, it was an accident? Of course it wasn’t. You don’t ‘accidentally’ get inside somebody’s head and start to mess with their mind. God knows what you’d have done if I hadn’t got there when I did.

What are you doing now. No, stop that! Put your clothes back on. Yes, of course I find you attractive. No, there isn’t anyone else. Please, don’t cry. I hate it when you cry like that.

If I let you out, will you promise to stay here with me and not wander off? Are you sure?



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