‘Stuck’ – A 150 Word Story For Flash! Friday

An intriguing photo for today’s Flash! Friday prompt and a word count of exactly 150 words.



Damn! Bloody thing’s broken again! This is the third time in a year, what’s wrong with these people. I told them last time that it needed updating but nobody ever listens to me. I must make a note to send a stern letter of complaint to the authorities when I get home. That’s assuming I ever get home.

I could try travelling across town and see if the portal outside the library is working but I doubt I’ve got the time. The thing shuts at seven and it’s gone six already. What with this heavy holiday traffic I’d never make it.

So it looks as if I’m going to have to spend this holiday season in this god-forsaken world stuck in this ghastly human body. Must check my data base and see what grotesque food and entertainment awaits me. I do hope my human host hasn’t made too many arrangements.



I look forward to reading your comments

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