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‘The First Date’ – A Story For Visual Dare

Another great black and white photo prompt from Visual Dare. This was fun writing.


Photo Source
Photo Source

The First Date

I wonder where he is? I do hope he’s not late, I can’t abide tardiness in a man. Let me see, no it’s not quite three yet, still time.

I wonder if I’ve got the right place? I’m sure I have. Second carriage along from the engine, sit at the table lamp in the corner, that’s what the note said and that’s where I am.

I wonder if I should have put a red carnation in my buttonhole? No don’t be silly Ethel, that’s what the younger ones do. Not sure why, makes them look so obvious, so desperate almost. People our age are much more subtle and discreet than that.

Anyway I’m sure I’ll recognise him when he arrives. His description and the details from the agency were very clear. I do hope he turns up soon. I’ll feel such a fool sitting here on my own.


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