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‘Smile Please’ – A 150 Word Story For Visual Dare

An interesting photo prompt from Visual Dare. I could hear these three ladies chatting.


Smile Please

“Marjorie, darling, I don’t suppose you could move your umbrella a teeny-weeny bit, only the rain is running straight down my neck.”

“Wish I could Daphne, sweety but you know what these photographer chappies are like. One slight move and he’ll want us to start all over again.”

“I hope this isn’t going to take too much longer. I’m meeting Johnny at six, the Ritz  for cocktails. It’s going to take me an hour to dry my hair. I wish this chap would hurry up.”

“You think you’ve got problems Penelope, you don’t know my Raymond. He gets so worked up when I’m late, all common and brutish. Mind you, he can be very generous afterwards. It’s what I love about him.”

“Thank goodness! I think he’s finished girls. Yes look, he’s smiling and walking away. What is it with these American tourists, always wanting to take bloody photos?”


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