‘A Hot Date’ – A 150 Word Story For Visual Dare

An intriguing photo prompt for this week’s Visual Dare.


A Hot Date

It’s always the same this time on a Friday night, everyone’s in a rush. Look at them, all got to be somewhere, quick. It’s either rushing home to see the kids before they get put to bed, or in a hurry to meet a girlfriend or worried their mates will get down the pub before them. Mind you, at least they’re moving, not like us. God knows what the hold up is. I’ve been stuck in this bloody queue for an hour now and we’ve hardly moved. Bet it’s that new supervisor checking nobody is sneaking off with any of the store’s clothes, as if you would .

“Hey mate! You at the front with the hat and the dodgy shirt. Tell them to get a move on, will you. If I’m not out of here by six I’m going to miss my date with that sexy dummy from Lingerie.”



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