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My Mate Kate – A 150 Word Story For Visual Dare (And Prince George!)

Saw this week’s photo prompt from Angela at Visual Dare and it made me think of London and the recent events going on there.


My Mate Kate

She’s had this baby, called it George. She always said she wanted a boy. I can remember, we used to talk for hours about how many kids we’d have, what we’d call them. Funny thing is, don’t ever remember her mentioning the name George. Michael was her favourite, Penelope if it was a girl. No idea where George came from, must be something that new bloke of hers wanted. I see her sometimes you know, on my way to work. Waved a couple of times but I don’t think she’s seen me behind that tinted glass. Even sent her a couple of emails but not had a reply, too busy I suppose. I’ve got her new address, saw it on the telly, I’ll probably send her a congratulations card, least I can do, considering. I think about her a lot you know – wonder if she ever thinks of me?



13 thoughts on “My Mate Kate – A 150 Word Story For Visual Dare (And Prince George!)

  1. Inevitably friends get lost by the wayside and this was a really natural look at that. I did think he sounded quite stalkerish, or maybe thats just me! Good stuff.


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