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‘The Curtains’ – A 150 Word Story For Visual Dare

Another wonderful black & white photo prompt from Angela at Visual Dare. I couldn’t get the idea of curtains out of my head!


The Curtains

“Are you OK Miss Jeffers?”

“Of course I’m not! I’m feeling bloody awful. Godfrey has run off with my best friend Penelope and he told me he loved me. What’s more, we were supposed to be playing doubles this afternoon, at the Smithersons. Then we were due to go to The Ritz for a meal, where I’m sure he was going to propose. That’s until that scheming Penelope Davenport stole him from me. What am I going to do?  Everybody will be talking about me.”

“How awful Miss. Now if you would just like to give me that cigarette, we don’t want a fire, do we? Then we’ll just take the curtains from around your head and I’ll get someone to put them back up. After that we’ll pop off for a cup of tea and I’ll arrange for someone to bring you your tablets. There’s a dear.”



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