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‘Missing’ – A Five Sentence Story

I just love this picture prompt from Lillie’s Five Sentence Fiction. This Joyce Grenfell type monologue popped into my head.


Now children, can anyone tell me who’s gone missing from our special book? That’s right Susie, it’s Adam and Eve and don’t cry dear, I know you didn’t take them. No Wayne, we don’t need to call the police, I’m sure they haven’t been murdered. What’s that Johnathan, you think God might have got rid of them because they stole one of his apples. A good try Johnathan, in the meantime if you could just take them out of your pocket and we’ll see if we can glue them back in, there’s a dear.



11 thoughts on “‘Missing’ – A Five Sentence Story

  1. That was kind of cute…Even though there was a surprise element at the end as is the trade mark of your stories, at least it was not a scary one… I expected the monologue speaker to say, “And the snake which was actually a huge mountain python, fed on them..”


    1. You were encouraging me to write stories with no dark elements in, then you go and suggest huge, people eating snakes!
      Thanks for your comments.


  2. i like this it was very enjoyable i am trying out for a musical at my school and we have to memorize a monologue for it and i would like to do this one


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