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You Shall Go To The Ball – A Story For Trifecta

The Trifecta prompt for this week was to write a story with the word ‘Fly’ in and use the third definition of that word:
3a : to move, pass, or spread quickly ‘rumours were flying’
 b : to be moved with sudden extreme emotion ‘flew into a rage’  
c : to seem to pass quickly ‘the time simply flew’

cinderella-live-action-news1You Shall Go To The Ball

“What have you got sergeant?”

“Not a lot sir. It seems to have happened so quickly, many of the guests missed it. “

“What about the Prince? What’s he saying?”

“He seems a bit upset and confused sir. Says they were just dancing, like they had for most of the night, when the clock in the tower started to chime 12. He reckons she just stopped, checked her watch, said something like, ‘Is that the time, I really must fly’ and ran out of the ballroom.”

“Any witnesses see where she went?”

“None. Nobody seems to have seen a thing. All we’ve got is a glass slipper on the stairs. I’ve sent it to forensics. Then there was that thing outside.”


“Yes sir. It might not be connected but we found a large hollowed out pumpkin and some rat droppings, near where our mystery lady’s coach was supposed to be parked up.”

“Make sure forensics get them as well, just in case. What about the guest list? Have we got a name yet.”

“Not yet sir. Everyone on the list has been accounted for. We’re trying to work out how she got in without an invitation. Security was very tight for this one. We’re checking to see if any of the security people knew her. Can I ask sir, why is the Prince so worked up about this? Did he fancy her or something and wants us to find her?

“I wish it was that simple sergeant. It would appear that our mystery guest was more interested in the Prince’s money than his charms. He reckons his wallet, credit card, Rolex watch, gold iPhone and a very expensive signet ring have all gone missing. He never noticed until after she’d run off. He’s not happy about being conned like that. We need to find her sergeant and quick, otherwise heads will roll.”



27 thoughts on “You Shall Go To The Ball – A Story For Trifecta

    1. Now there’s a story to be told all about her so called ugly sisters. I heard they were wanted by the police in at least 5 countries.
      Thanks for dropping by.


    1. Thanks for your comments.
      I enjoy writing dialogue only stories, they are great fun.
      Robin Hood & Cinderella – both the same person – now there’s a thought.


  1. Cinderella gets the CSI treatment — a really fun idea! I liked the dialogue here, particularly about forensics for the pumpkin and rat droppings and slipper — and about how tight security was supposed to be. Good stuff!


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