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I Only Popped In For A Quick One – A Visual Dare Story

Another great photo from Angela for this week’s VisDare prompt.


I Only Popped In For A Quick One

Hard to imagine I know but I was about your age when I came in here. I remember it clearly. Boiling hot day it was and I needed a drink. Found this place during my lunch hour. Never seen it before, assumed it was newly opened. I remember thinking it was a bit dark and dreary but it was cool and I hadn’t planned on staying long. A quick pint, then back to work.

Ninety years ago that was, ninety bloody years. I’ve tried leaving, course I have but it’s always the same. No doors, no windows, no way out.

I’m glad you’ve come in lad, means my time is almost up. I’ve kept the seat warm and there’s a set of darts by the dartboard, though nobody to play with I’m afraid. The bitter is OK but I’d steer clear of the lager if I were you. Good luck.


10 thoughts on “I Only Popped In For A Quick One – A Visual Dare Story

  1. I know this is the wrong thing to ask, but what’s the food like? Man cannot live by bitter alone, or can he? Lovely take on the prompt – your narrator has great voice despite his trial.


    1. Thanks for your comments.
      You’re right, though I’d forgotten, I did post a similar story some time ago. I think I read somewhere that there are only about seven original plots and all stories derive from them in some way or another. Or at least that’s the excuse I’m using!
      PS I’m not sure ‘The Club’ was in a similar vein but that highlights the joy of writing when a reader and a writer can interpret a story in different ways.


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