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Betty Jones – A Haibun For Visual Dare

I missed submitting a story for last week’s VisDare as I was holidaying in the depths of Wales where the Internet has yet to reach. I did write this haibun (a combination of prose and haiku poetry) as the picture appealed to me so much.


Betty Jones

Betty Jones! What have I told you before about taking your clothes off,  you’ll catch your death of a cold. No Betty, don’t do that, there’s a dear. Please climb down from the piano. Yes, I know I said you could give us a tune dear but not with your feet. Oh dear Betty, now look what you’ve done! It’s all been too much for Mr. Peterson, he’s collapsed, someone call for an ambulance. No, Mrs. Samuels, Betty is not taking song requests, please don’t encourage her. Betty! Take that rose out of your mouth, you don’t know where it’s been. EVERYBODY, STOP CLAPPING!

concert pianist,
a true maestro in her prime –
ivory beckons



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