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The Hungry Piano



OK, which idiot let the piano in? How many times have I got to tell you people, you never let the piano on set until after it’s had breakfast. No! Don’t try and pull him out, it’ll only get angry and then anything could happen. Just leave it to finish off its meal in peace and then maybe we can get some work done around here. In the meantime, has anybody seen Jimmy? Jimmy! Get your fat backside over here. I need you to find me another clown and be quick about it. We start filming in twenty minutes.


My 100 word contribution to Friday Fi100-words. I loved this photo.


38 thoughts on “The Hungry Piano

  1. I feel the same way if I don’t get my breakfast. 🙂 But I don’t have as many teeth! If they want to find another clown, I hope they get rid of the body first (or let the piano digest it). Otherwise, it might be difficult to find the second clown.

    Two small things: “its meal” and “meantime” is one word, which gives you another to play with if you like.



    1. I understand that, in the event of there being no clowns available, they can be partial to the odd small child or two, just to help tide them over!
      Thanks for dropping by Sarah Ann.


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