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‘Who Turned The Lights Out’ – Trifecta Story

The word prompt for this week’s Trifecta challenge is ‘light’.

Who Turned The Lights Out

When he came to he couldn’t see a thing. The intense darkness was hurting his eyes. He tried shouting out but his words were swallowed by the pitch black that  surrounded him.

As he moved, arms outstretched, he realized the space he was occupying was empty. He had this overwhelming fear that he could continue walking forever and never touch a single thing.

The only solid thing that he could be sure of was the floor.


“Well Jones, is everything going to plan?”

“Yes sir. The subject was brought in at 22.30 hours and transferred straight here. He regained consciousness 47 minutes ago.”

“How is he handling it?”

“As expected sir. The complete lack of light has disorientated him.”

“Good, let’s keep it that way. Are you getting all the information we need?”

“It’s still early days yet sir. We’ve implanted three probes, one in his chest to monitor his general well-being and two in his brain to excavate his mind.”

“Good.” What’s he doing at the moment?”

“Hugging the floor sir. It’s quite common. It’s the only space he can be sure of at the moment, so he’s clinging on to it for dear life.”

“What next?”

“We take the floor away sir. He’ll then find himself dropping through space. At first he’ll panic and then realize that by waving his arms and legs around he can slow down the descent. It will feel a bit like treading water only without the water.”

“Remind me again, why are we doing this?”

“The more we disorientate him sir, the less energy he’ll have to maintain the defences he’s built up around certain parts of his mind. Once we’ve broken down those barriers it will be straightforward for our probes to gather the information we need.”

“Well done Jones. Excellent work. Just remember not to rush things, we don’t want to lose him, at least not until we’ve got everything we need.”



37 thoughts on “‘Who Turned The Lights Out’ – Trifecta Story

  1. Nice! I’d be hugging the floor too. That was scary, Mike.

    Congrats on being the featured Trifectan. Nice shack… I thought it might be a fancy outhouse… a different type of sanctuary I see.


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