‘To Whom Does The Dress Belong?’ – A 100 Word Story For Friday Fictioneers

A great photo prompt for this week’s writing challenge from Friday Fictioneers. Here is my 100 word submission:


To Whom Does The Dress Belong?

The crowd huddled together, staring up at the dress blowing in the morning breeze. Distant sirens grew ever closer.

He was at it again, leaving another message, a warning. He was openly playing with the police, laughing at their stupidity, their inability to catch him.

The watching crowd knew that a young girl would be brutally murdered before the day was done. It had happened before, too many times. The police could only stop it, if they could find the owner of that red dress. They’d fail. They always did.

He smiled as he watched them emerge from their cars.



28 thoughts on “‘To Whom Does The Dress Belong?’ – A 100 Word Story For Friday Fictioneers

  1. This flows along beautifully, Mike. One small thing–“Whom Does the Dress Belong To?” or “To Whom Does the Dress Belong?” is grammatically correct. You may or may not care, but just mentioning it. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comments Janet, much appreciated. I’ve changed the title as you suggested. With hindsight I should have spent more time thinking of a better title, even though it’s now grammatically correct, it still feels a little ‘clunky’.

    1. One day I shall spend time expanding some of this flash fiction of mine. Maybe the coming JuNoWriMo would be an opportunity.
      Thanks for your comments.

  2. Dear Mike,
    I agree with other comments. This story feels,like the intro to something bigger. A novel or, perhaps, an episode of Criminal Minds. Well-written suspense in any cold case. 😉

I look forward to reading your comments

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