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‘A New Man’ – A Short Story For The Trifecta Challenge

This week’s Trifecta challenge is to write between 33 and 333 words incorporating  the word ‘appear’ – using the definition ‘to have an outward aspect: seem ‘appears happy enough’

alien-abductionA New Man

“According to the results Mr.Carson, you appear to be in excellent health.”

“But doctor, what about this voice in my head? It’s driving me nuts.”

“Stress, Mr. Carson. You’ve probably been overdoing it at work. I’m going to give you a sick note for two weeks and I suggest you use that time for a holiday. Go somewhere nice and warm and relax. You’ll feel so much better for it.”

As Doctor Smith handed Tim Carson the sick note he shook his hand and wished him all the best for the future. As Tim left the surgery he wondered just what sort of future lay ahead of him.

I looked on, a mere observer, taking it all in. As a ‘Researcher’, it was my job to find out as much as I possibly could. I watched, listened and tried not to ask too many questions, unless they were absolutely necessary. A lot of work had gone in to the selection of Tim Carson and so far, he was proving to be an ideal subject.

I’d first entered his body three weeks ago. March 24th 2013 at 7.43am, to be precise. Initially he had no idea I was there. As time went on I became increasingly curious and started asking questions. He nows spends much of his time desperately trying to rationalise my presence, even exploring this present theory that he’s going mad.

I’ve done my best to explain to him what is happening but he refuses to accept it. A shame really. I’d hoped we might be able to co-exist harmoniously. This is obviously not going to happen.

I have no option but to use this two-week holiday to finalise a total merger. By the time he goes back to work he will be a new man.


36 thoughts on “‘A New Man’ – A Short Story For The Trifecta Challenge

  1. this is super-cool! if someone decides to inhabit my body, does that mean I might get better at multi-tasking??? one can always hope……….



    1. Thanks for your comments Jennifer.
      I think crazy would be the first thought – believing you were being taken over by some alien creature would be even crazier.


  2. I like Jennifer’s word “creeptastic” to describe this tale. It sounds like a wonderful part of a story much larger. I want the novel, full with some information about the character and his time period, where he works, why he was chosen, and whether or not this practice is something more common than not, or if he is the only one experiencing it. I have thoughts written about such a juncture between two spirits vying for the same body. I would love to see where this one goes.


    1. I also like Jennifer’s ‘Creeptastic’. As for it being a longer story – I might just take the outline you’ve given me and see what I can do.
      Thanks for your comments.


  3. This one really hits close to home. Adam (my partner in life) had a stroke 3 months ago. Just days prior to having this, he told me the voices in his head would not shut up. He was working 40-50 hour weeks in an intensely meticulous, high-stress career. No one saw the stroke coming, least of all Adam’s doctor.


    1. Thanks for dropping by Carolyn.
      A very good friend of mine had a sudden stroke some years ago. This was also a result of extreme stress and pressure at work and again nobody saw it coming. It certainly made me take a step back and reassess the crazy workload I then had.


  4. I found myself saying “well of course! easier to believe we’re having mental health issues than to believe there is a little being in our system somewhere. Believing we have mental health issues, in this case, is the sanest thing to think.

    Mike, I loved it! Very imaginative and eerie at the finish. Well done you!


  5. If I start hearing voices I’ll remember your story. Maybe there is a perfectly rational explanation. Great story. It makes you think. At least while I have my wits about me. Nice job!


  6. Poor guy hasn’t a chance in hell…
    Made me think of that old Steve Martin-Lily Tomlin flick All of Me. hahaha


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