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Trifextra Challenge – 33 Word Poem

Writing poetry is not something I usually do but I thought I’d have a go for this weekend’s Trifextra challenge. We had to choose 3 words from ‘topple, paradigm, underneath, nerve, honey, loop’ to go into our 33 word piece. I chose ‘underneath, nerve & honey’.

Go on,
I dare you!
Thought as much,
you haven’t
got the nerve.
Underneath that
sweet, sickly,
honey smile,
you’re a cunning,
heartless, bitch,
but even you
wouldn’t pull that trigger.
Would you?



32 thoughts on “Trifextra Challenge – 33 Word Poem

  1. Oh yes I would… BANG!!! as the gun topples from my now careless grip… You dared me….so there, I just felt reality slip…!! (I never could resist a dare!!) (an’ who’re you calling a bitch? 😉 ) xx


      1. I was a little worried at just how much you were enjoying yourself Pen!
        Now, about this misunderstanding over the word ‘bitch’ …….


  2. Better not take the risk with this cold hearted bitch-remember her sweet sickly honey smile-brr!What a great take on the prompt-just loved this one Mike:-)


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