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The Chosen Ones – A 150 Word Story For Visual Dare

Another wonderful, yet, I thought, chilling photo prompt from Angela at Visual Dare. It took me quite a while to cut this back to a mere 150 words, there was so much more I wanted to write.


The Chosen Ones

Sean gripped his father’s hand as they walked towards the tree.

“Where are we Father? Who are those people? What’s that noise?” The questions tumbled from his lips.

“This is a sacred place,” whispered his father, “The people you see on the branches are the ‘Chosen Ones’, sacrifices to the Gods. Each, carefully selected for this honour. The noise is them praying to the Gods.”

Sean said nothing. To him the praying sounded more like screams of terror, but he was only young, what did he know. Before he could say anything, two solemn looking men appeared in front of them.

They looked at Sean’s father, who nodded, let go of Sean’s hand, then walked slowly away.

He wanted to turn back, take one last look at his son, but he knew that wasn’t permitted. Reluctantly, he trudged away, the piercing prayers of his young son tearing at his heart.



12 thoughts on “The Chosen Ones – A 150 Word Story For Visual Dare

    1. Thanks Angela. I’m not sure the longer version told more of the story. One of the joys of your 150 word limit is that it makes me cut out all but the essential and hopefully the story still works.


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