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A Story For The Trifecta Challenge

I’m leaving it late again for my contribution to this week’s Trifecta challenge. This week’s word is ‘Deliberate’.

It’s Time We Were going

There is a deliberate style to his voice, always quiet and calming, yet tantalizingly persistent. Once, I might have been able to resist his seductive overtures but not now, not after what we did together.

I knew what he wanted, he made no secret of it and I knew it was wrong. When he told me when and where it was to happen I did everything I could to not be a part of it. I even secretly made plans to be out-of-town on that day but he had no intention of letting me off that easily.

Don’t ask me how it happened but at the last-minute the travel arrangements were  cancelled and at the appointed time, I found myself exactly where he’d told me to be.

I don’t know who she was, or what made me do those terrible things, but he reassured me it was the right course of action, no more than she deserved.

That was a week ago and ever since, I’ve been afraid to leave the house, scared stiff someone may have seen me. He’s also been conspicuous by his absence, leaving me to suffer alone.

He’s back now, his calming voice putting me at my ease. He says it’s time to go out again. He’s identified someone else who needs punishing. I don’t want to go but this voice in my head is so insistent.


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