Let Me In!

Another wonderful picture prompt from Angela over at ‘Visual Dare’. I couldn’t get the mirror’s voice out of my head.


Let Me In!

I’m sorry sir, I can’t let you through without the correct password. Yes sir, I do know who you are but I still can’t let you in. Yes sir, I can see that the water level is rising on your side. No sir, it’s quite dry over here. What’s that sir? You’re thinking of smashing your way through. Not a good idea sir. As you know all our portals are protected, any sign of aggression would result in your immediate extermination. No sir, that’s not a threat, just a matter of fact. What’s that sir, you think you wrote the password down and left it in your other suit. Have you far to go to get this piece of paper sir? You should be back this time tomorrow you say. Yes sir, I’ll still be here. Just one thing sir, you do know that the password changes daily, don’t you.



18 thoughts on “Let Me In!

  1. ah, the eternal officialdom response, calmness in all sorts of dire situations,… Loved the imaginative story-line Mike… (thank the rain, pouring down outside for my comments.. Fie to the skies I cry .. I wanted to do much in the garden today!!) xx

    1. Definitely a ‘she’ ….. I think the last line was just to emphasise to him that he couldn’t win against officialdom.
      Thanks for your comments Sarah Ann.

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