Maybe Tonight

It seems a while since I’ve entered a story for Friday Fictioneers. Here is my 100 word contribution.


Maybe Tonight

I saw her as soon as she came in. The single red rose in her hand, prominently displayed for all to see. Mine was still in my pocket. Nowadays I liked to keep my options open, I’d been let down too many times with these agency dates. She looked nervous, sat on her own at a table in the far corner. Sitting at the bar I watched her fidget with the flower, then check her watch. She looked in my direction and smiled. I finished my drink and dropped my rose in the bin by the door, as I left.



32 thoughts on “Maybe Tonight

  1. Man! What an anticlimax.
    I thought is was going to be one of those romantic moments with swirling music and a kiss.
    Ah well… That’s reality for you.
    It’s not always rosy.

    Good work.

  2. I agree with Janet, that it’s sad he didn’t even talk with her at the restaurant. I think his actions of hiding the rose and walking out without talking with her show clues about this character.

  3. Dear Mike,
    My first reaction is, “What a jerk!” My second reaction is, “What a jerk!” In which case, she may never know now lucky she was. Good bit of writing.

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