On The Edge

I loved this picture from this week’s challenge from Five Sentence Fiction. Made me think of this:


On The Edge

OK girl, it’s decision time, you can’t sit there all day and expect something to just happen, because it won’t. You’ve got to get up off your backside and do something. You could turn round and go back but remember, he’ll be there, waiting for you. Everything you ran away from won’t have gone anywhere. Or you could step forward, over the edge, see what that brings.



7 thoughts on “On The Edge

  1. I’ve got to wonder.
    Wonder about what.
    I’ve to wonder if she’s on the edge thinking about Sam.
    Sam is her husband and has an unfulfilled dream.
    Is she going to reconsider about it never happening.
    I’ve meet the challenge again in using the parameter of five sentences in responding to you.
    Have a GREAT WEEKEND Mike !!!

  2. Oy, “… Step(ping) forward, over the edge, see(ing) what that brings…” may often enough seem like a good option, however, it does not seem an option at all, at the very least a very good option, in this case.
    I think I’d recommend going back this time….. at least if I wanted to continue my friendship with her.

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