The People’s Rebellion

The challenge from the great people at Trifecta this weekend is to use the words, ‘rebellion, rain, remember’ in a 36 word story. I started off with my serious head on but then came up with this.

You must remember! September 1983. We had it all planned, the people’s great rebellion, with us at the helm. Then the rain came. Poured all night, as I remember, so we stayed in, played Scrabble instead.



28 thoughts on “The People’s Rebellion

    1. Nothing like being a fair weather rebel. The weather we are experiencing at the moment would deter all but the most committed.
      Thanks for your comments.

    1. Rain can certainly dampen the enthusiasm and as for the snow we are experiencing at the moment!! All you can say is light the fire, make a nice pot of tea and get out the board games. We’ll be rebels when it gets warmer.
      Thanks for dropping by Christine.

    1. Thank you. I enjoyed writing it. I spent quite a while coming up with a number of more serious drafts, then my less serious head took control.

    1. Glad you like the new style blog. I’m going to try interspersing the short stories with some general random thoughts that enter my head …. now that’s a frightening thought!
      Thanks for your comments.

    1. At least staying in and playing Scrabble doesn’t get your hair wet. Whereas toppling the powers that be can play havoc with your social life.
      Thanks for your comments.

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