Waiting For God

Another interesting photo prompt for this week’s challenge from ‘Visual Dare’

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Photo Source

Waiting For God

I’m knackered! Been in here for ages. It was the big banner by the side of the main door that attracted me.


I was struck by the ‘no charge’ bit. Nowadays you can pay a fortune for personal advice and counselling. Must say I was a bit surprised when I came in, nobody else in the place. Wondered at first if I’d  got the wrong day. Mind you they must have been expecting a crowd, all these chairs.

To start with I just sat here quietly. I heard once that he’s good at tuning in. Quite clever really. No need for words, just let your problems flood your mind and wait. Nothing’s happened yet. Maybe he’s a bit busy. Think I’ll have a lie down. Hopefully when things get quieter he’ll pop over for a chat. Who knows?



6 thoughts on “Waiting For God

  1. I absolutely love this, always enjoy reading your words but this has really struck a chord.
    Particularly loved the line “Mind you they must have been expecting a crowd, all these chairs.” that made me smile 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words Sarah.
      Have you ever noticed that about Church – I know that in the one I go to we always put out more chairs than we ever need. Is that what might be called ‘blind faith’?

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