Everlasting Headache

Sometimes you have no idea what’s waiting round the corner for you. This 100 word story is in response to this week’s prompt for  100WCGU  which is  ‘… despite the pounding in my head.’

Everlasting Headache

Feeling slightly better, despite the pounding in my head. Wish I knew where I was. Last thing I remember was walking out of the pub. Must have had an accident. Could do with talking to someone, see where I am and what’s happened to me.


“Latest report Jones.”

“The subject is awake sir and sitting up in bed.”

“What next?”

“Another 24 hours and we’ll remove the bandages, sir. The operation to implant the probe in his brain, was successful. He’ll be operational by Friday.”

“Good news Jones. Does he know what we’ve got planned for him.”

“No sir.”




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