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Time To Go

Another week, another Trifecta challenge. The prompt this week was the word ‘Time’. I just squeezed in the word limit with this 331 word story. Let me know what you think.

Time To Go

She’s been in here ten minutes now, mopping away at the floor and not spoken a word. Not like her at all. Wonder what’s wrong?

“There you are Mr. Jones, extra bright and sparkly for you today,” she says, before gathering up her mop and rushing out of the room in tears.

How strange, she’s usually so chatty. I’ve tried chatting back but the words wont come. Mind you I think she knows that. Whenever she asks me a question she waits a few seconds and then answers for me. Same as the doctors and nurses, always asking me how I’m feeling but never expecting an answer.

It’s like the rest of me. I’d love to open my eyes, or  twitch my nose or  wiggle my big toe a bit but it just wont happen.

Seem to have more visitors than usual today. Mary’s sat beside me, holding my hand. She’s very quiet. Wonder if she’s brought the kids with her? A lot of tears today. Strange that. We’ve had no crying for ages now. Hope everything’s OK at home.

Appears to be a lot of shuffling around at the end of the bed. Why’s everyone whispering? Hard to make out who’s here. Is that Jim’s voice I can hear and Uncle Simon’s?

Mary suddenly leans across and kisses me on the cheek. I can just make out the word goodbye between the sobs. What’s going on?

“If you’re ready Mrs. Jones, it’s time.”

Is that Doctor Jameson? Not like him to make an appearance when I’ve got visitors. And what does he mean, ‘it’s time’? Time for what?

Is it me, or has it gone cold in here? And so quiet. That humming noise somewhere to my left, that I’d grown  so accustomed to, has suddenly stopped. There’s a darkness wrapping itself around me. Everything feels as if it is fading away, even the voice inside my head, the one that’s kept me going all these months, seems to be …..


31 thoughts on “Time To Go

  1. now that was dark, Mike, as into the darkness we go.. I wonder, did he wake to another life?…another dimension, or mayhap began life anew as something else?.. (sorry, mind went into search mode.) xPenx


      1. no problemo Mike… I let my mind have free rein sometimes,.. more often than not it’s ok… only sometimes do I worry when I haven’t heard from it for awhile… You never know what mischief it might be getting up to.. 😉 xPenx


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