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Graveyard Slot

Ghosts, graveyards and cemeteries came to mind when I juggled with this week’s Trifecta challenge …….. don’t ask me why!

cemetery3Graveyard Slot

So many balls to juggle. So many plates to keep spinning. It’s a nightmare. Only need one of them to come crashing to the ground and the whole thing could fall apart.

I knew it was going to be difficult when I took the job on but nobody warned me  how chaotic the whole thing would be. If I could, I’d resign tomorrow, let some other fool take over but I can’t. I’m only a hundred years into a five hundred year tenure.

With hindsight I should never have agreed to the position but, at the time, it seemed like the right move. If I’m honest I was flattered. It’s not every day you get offered the job of Chair of the International Ghosts and Ghouls Association. Mind you I should have guessed there was more to it when I heard that Headless Harry and Bloody Mary had both turned the post down.

Well, best get on, moaning and groaning like this isn’t going to help. Now where was I?

I see there’s another incident of vampires taking over a graveyard with a petition here from some very disgruntled ghosts. More complaints about ghouls in our stately homes not being scary enough. Then there’s this request from Buckingham Palace asking us to remove Henry VIII as he’s been upsetting some of the female visitors. Best tackle that one first.

Oh, what I’d give for a nice quiet lie down somewhere, preferably  a very deep grave, in some far off cemetery.



29 thoughts on “Graveyard Slot

    1. Many thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed it.
      As for Henry – I hear he’s been moved on. Take care it may very well be at a place near you.


  1. Great take on the prompt. I particularly loved ‘I should have guessed there was more to it when I heard …’ – realisation too late. Lovely characterisation.


  2. Ha!ha!This is fantastic!I am glad that ghosts & cemetery were on your mind this week when you decided to write ,Mike or we would have missed a fine piece of writing.I want more of this please:-)


  3. Wow… well done! I had fun reading this! I loved this line…”I’m only a hundred years into a five hundred year tenure.” It put a nice perspective on the character!


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