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The Ark

What if the rain never stops? What if the flood water just keeps rising? These were two thoughts that went through my mind when I saw this week’s Visual Dare photo prompt.

Photo Source
Photo Source

The Ark

My Dearest Juliet,

The WiFi connection is very poor but I live in hope that you will still receive this message.

I’m in the Square where we first met. Do you remember it? We joked about how hot it was and prayed for some cooling rain. I often look back on that day and wish the Gods had not been listening. Who could have guessed they would be so cruel in answering our prayers.

Accurate news is hard to come by. The Authorities have long since abandoned any pretence of the rain stopping and the flood levels decreasing. We now know this is not going to happen.

The few people who have passed my way all had terrible tales to tell. Like me, they tried to get a place on the last of the Arks but it was impossible. Too few places, too many people. I pray that you were one of the lucky ones.

I’m sat under that statue, the tall one in the centre. The place where you first told me you loved me. Do you remember our first kiss and the dreams we shared?

The water in the Square is rising rapidly. I’ve heard the Authorities have begun treating the waters with highly toxic chemicals. This way death is quicker than it would be by drowning. The water is lapping round my feet, burning my toes. The stench of the water is getting stronger, breathing more difficult.

Time for me to go.

All my love.




13 thoughts on “The Ark

  1. Uh…..HELLO. I love this. It’s so sad, and heartbreaking, but o so beautiful in a haunting way. And the Romeo/Juliet spin puts it in such an eternal context. So matter-of-fact, as the poisoned waters rise. (That was a nicely horrific touch, btw…and just the sort of thing they would do, too.)


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