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‘Nine Lives’ – A Story For VisDare

Another great picture from Angela for this week’s VisDare prompt. I wondered what the cat might say if it could talk.

Photo Source
Photo Source

Nine Lives

“Well Cat, looks like this is it, the end of the road. There’s no way out. Me and the boys have got you cornered. Your dead meat, pussy. You listening? Dead meat!”

“I’m listening Butch but all I’m hearing is crap….. as usual.”

“What is it with you feline losers? Always got to have the last word. Look at you, standing there, all cocky, so sure of yourself. I tell you Cat, I’m taking you down and I’m going to have fun doing it.”

The dim light in the carriage flickered and everything went blank for a few seconds. When the light came back on, Cat had disappeared.

“Where’s he gone boss?”

“Don’t know Rover. What I do know though is, that was his ninth life. Next time he won’t get away. So, all of you,  get out there and find me that bloody cat!”



19 thoughts on “‘Nine Lives’ – A Story For VisDare

  1. Ahhhh, an epic struggle between dog and cat. Love the cockiness of the dogs, the aloofness of the cat, and the overall irony of the situation really comes through here. Like that it has a strong “gangsters cornering the pariah in the subway” feel to it. In that context, the use of animals makes the situation less grim, while still being relatable. Great work!!


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