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Open The Bloody Door – 150 Word For VisDare

Another great picture prompt from Angela over at Visual Dare. I don’t know where she keeps finding them. I tried to think of a serious tale but failed.

Photo Source
Photo Source

Open The Bloody Door

“Are you sure about this sir? Apparently this door hasn’t been opened in 300 years.”

“Poppycock, Benson. Who have you been listening to? I bet it’s that Headmaster or that young lad, what’s his name?”

“Harry Potter sir. He said we could cause terrible harm if we opened this door.”

“Rubbish. This is a school Benson, not some home for demons and wizards. Now the stolen goods are supposedly behind this door and the sooner we get it open the quicker we can close this case. Can’t afford to listen to silly tales. I’ve got the Chief Constable breathing down my neck. He wants a result and he wants it soon. Now get that door open.”

“Yes sir but what if the stories are true?”

“For goodness sake Benson, open the bloody door, or maybe you’d rather take your fanciful tale to Chief Constable Voldermort? What’s it going to be?”


For more stories visit – ‘VisDare 7’

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