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About Those Teeth Of Yours – A 150 Word Story For VisDare

Another great photo prompt from Angela at Visual Dare. Got me talking to myself and I ended up with this 150 word piece.

Photo Source
Photo Source

About Those Teeth Of Yours

Look, I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but does it always have to be like this? Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re a lovely girl and I enjoy your nightly visits. It’s just, well ….. it’s not quite the normal way of doing things, not round here anyway.

I wondered, if one of these nights, you might like to come in through the front door. I can give you the address. It’s easy to find, the tube station’s  at the end of the road and this is number 25. A bright red door, you can’t miss it.

I can also lend you a torch, in case you’re afraid of the dark. Only I worry about that oil lamp, bit of a fire hazard, don’t you think. No need for an answer now, just give it some thought.

Now about those teeth of yours, I know a great dentist …….


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22 thoughts on “About Those Teeth Of Yours – A 150 Word Story For VisDare

  1. Hehehe. Love the dark (no pun intended) irony in this. I get almost the picture of a practical, wise-cracking guy who’s brushed up against the supernatural and is still in denial about what he’s fallen into….and with…poor fella. Why do I suspect this won’t end well?

    Great work. Thanks for another superb VisDare!


  2. I guess it’s true of all of us- always trying to change the one we love. Or desire. Why can’t you just accept her crooked and dangerously sharp teeth? I notice you didn’t say anything about the way she dresses or her make-up. But I’m sure that will come up soon. Has she made any demands on you?


    1. Made demands on me! It would make you blush if I went into any sort of detail. It’s the only reason I put up with her strange habits.
      Thanks for dropping by Paul.


  3. Mike, I don’t visit your blog nearly enough. I liked your light-hearted approach to this fellow’s conundrum: “…look, I don’t want to sound ungrateful…”. You do make me smile with your stories. You always take a unique perspective. Really nicely done, sir!


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