‘Trust Me’ – A Five Sentence Story

The challenge from Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction is ‘Delicate’. Made me think how delicate the idea of trust can sometimes be.

Trust Me

Trust, such a delicate commodity. Last week, Ann would have told you she and Peter had a bucketful of the stuff. Then, on Tuesday, quite by accident, when Peter was off for his weekly night out with the lads, she found the texts from Mandy. The thought of confronting Peter with what she’d discovered frightened Ann. She knew he’d never forgive her for prying and breaking the bond of trust between them.


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19 thoughts on “‘Trust Me’ – A Five Sentence Story

  1. I’m not sure he would have quite the leg to stand on in this situation. Sounds like the trust in their relationship was but wishful thinking. And yes, trust is delicate and easily broken. Good use of the prompt.

  2. Cleverly written, love how you’ve twisted the trust round that she has betrayed him when he clearly started it! A very delicate situation indeed.

    There’s a lot of scope with this prompt and I still haven’t figured out where to take it.

    Had to laugh at the comment about the bucket – hehehe

  3. My immediate response was, “Wha??? How does HE have any right to be upset at her for prying when he was keeping secrets? The cad!” Way to get a rise outta me. Nicely done.

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