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Choose Me – A 150 Word Story for VisDare

Another great photo prompt from Angela.

Photo Source
Photo Source

Choose Me

Once the flimsy veils were thrown over us we were not allowed to move. We had a minute to decide on a pose, which we were then expected to hold for the rest of the day.

In my first week here, young Penny had dared to smile and say hello to a customer. Old Mrs Blenkinsop nearly had a heart attack. While Penny was hurriedly taken out through the rear doors, into the storage area, never to be seen again,  Mrs Blenkinsop did her best to apologise to the distraught customer.

This pose was one of my favourites. I thought it made me look more demure. My friend Jenny, who stood next to me, reckoned it suited me and was sure to get me noticed.

At 9 o’clock the doors will open and the customers will stroll in, looking for the woman of their dreams. I wonder if today one of them might choose me.


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14 thoughts on “Choose Me – A 150 Word Story for VisDare

  1. I love how, on the surface, this is seemingly an ordinary thing — of the women striking a pose (I thought of live models at a department store); but the last line, coupled with the abrupt “removal” of Penny, gives it all a dark, yet exciting, undertone. I agree with the others – this would be awesome as a longer story idea!


    1. Thanks for your comments Angela.
      One of the things I would Iike to do this year is expand on some of the short stories on my blog and maybe self publish them on Kindle.


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