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Trifecta 62 – What A Mouth!

A bit late this week with my offering for the Trifecta prompt. The word is ‘Mouth’ and the definition to be used is:
3: something that resembles a mouth especially in affording entrance or exit: as
a) the place where a stream enters a larger body of water
b) the surface opening of an underground cavity
c) the opening of a container
d) an opening in the side of an organ flue pipe

Here is my 306 word story:

8428257580_df77469b1c_zWhat Big Teeth You Have

The mouth of the cave was covered in ivy and brambles, it was a wonder I’d noticed it. If I hadn’t fallen, at that precise spot, I would never have seen the small gap in the bottom corner. Without a moment’s hesitation I dived through the opening, lay perfectly still and prayed.

“He must be here somewhere. He can’t have just disappeared. You two, carry on down this path. The rest follow me. Let’s see if he double backed towards the river. Remember, if you find him, don’t hurt him, leave that to me.”

I hardly dared breathe. If they found this cave I was done for. Upsetting Jimmy Smith had not been one of my better ideas. How was I to know he was standing behind me when I likened his sister, Miranda, to an ugly, blood sucking vampire. It was meant to be a joke. Mind you, she is somewhat weird and most of us lads keep well clear of her.

Jimmy and his mates had been waiting for me after school. I’d been fortunate to get this far without getting caught and it looked as if my luck was holding. Outside, everything was quiet. I reckoned another 5 minutes and it would be safe to leave.

Then I heard the rustling noise behind me. Before I could move I was captured in a powerful beam of light. Someone was shining a torch at me.

“Hello Peter, how nice of you to visit. I didn’t know you cared, such a surprise.”

I recognised the voice straight away but what the hell was she doing here. Before I could ask, she’d pushed me to the floor and was sitting on top of me. The torch had fallen to the ground and was shining on her face. It was when Miranda smiled I noticed the teeth.


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