Sometimes There’s No Other Way

There are times when you just want to keep walking. That was what was in my mind when I wrote this 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers.


Peace At Last

The white sand stretches for miles, not another soul in sight. By midday everything will be different. These pristine sands will be littered with buckets and spades, half-finished sandcastles and a swathe of scantily clad bodies. For now I’ve only the softly blowing breeze and occasional seagull for company. I leave my clothes in a neat pile, safe from the incoming tide. Shoes first, with socks tucked securely inside, then pants, then shirt. As I approach the water’s edge, the warm water tickles my toes. I feel at peace. I walk out into the sea, never once looking back.



25 thoughts on “Sometimes There’s No Other Way

  1. I get the feeling your narrator isn’t coming back. You depict this image with clarity and beauty – I loved the pciture you created in my mind. I hope he recognises this beauty in time to turn around.

  2. the unexpected is usually good. not good for the character, but good for the reader. poor guy, but we don’t know what he’s dealing with. perhaps terminal illness.

    as for this part: “…scantily clad bodies.” this is too often used. i’m sure you can come up with your own description. that’s our job.

  3. I like how you embody his dissatisfaction with life, the craziness and lack of peace, in the description of the beach as it will become. At least that’s how I read it. 🙂

  4. Will he find resting peace in the cool waters? He obviously had none on dry land. A good job setting the scene and enumerating the ills that drove him to leave it all.

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