Are There Places You’d Rather Not Go?

They say that some places are evil. I prefer to think the malice comes from the people inside the buildings and not the buildings themselves. Here is my five sentence story about this place.

forgotten6_zps5122b6d0I’ve Been Here Before

I’d forgotten how dark and frightening this place could be. Located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a history of evil. The cold, damp air, swirled around my head, whispering its warnings. I smiled as I thought about what lay ahead. I couldn’t wait to bring her here so that it could begin.


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12 thoughts on “Are There Places You’d Rather Not Go?

  1. I love the hints throughout: warnings… smiled… Makes one think that the writer takes no notice of warnings therefore, if he is up to no-good, he thinks he will outwit anyone else. You really are good at this, Mike.

  2. How lovely! I really enjoyed this since it gave me an insight into what the person felt.

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