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Have You Been Caught On Camera Today?

There are supposed to be so many cameras around today that we are all being photographed on a daily basis. This wonderful VisDare photo prompt from Angela got me thinking about surveillance.
Here is my 150 word story.

159596380516317761_ZeONBUwA_cWe’re Watching You!

I joined the Agency a week ago. They told me I had particular qualities they’d been looking for. The first five days I was office bound being taught how to take discreet photos, how to blend into a crowd or lose a tail. On day 6 the boss told me I would be joining him on a very important surveillance job and I was to bring the camera.

We’ve been round this park five times so far. I can’t see a bloody thing. I hold the camera in front of me and every now and then the boss whispers ‘Now’ and I click. I’ve no idea what I’m photographing.

Suddenly the boss stops and kicks the back of my leg, whispering,

“I think we may have a problem Smithers. The chap by the gate keeps looking this way. I think he may have rumbled us. My fault, should’ve worn a bloody hat, would’ve made me less conspicuous.”


Click here – VisDare3 – and read how others interpret this fantastic photo.

14 thoughts on “Have You Been Caught On Camera Today?

  1. I enjoyed the story, but didn’t quite get it. Then I realised I overlooked the photograph… 😛 Silly me!

    Nonetheless, reading the story THEN looking at the photo prompt seemed to work. I was giggling like mad! 😉


    1. Strangely, to begin with I inserted a larger photo then changed my mind and went for the smaller one, even though I thought it was a bit small. Just shows you should always go with your initial, gut feeling.
      Thanks for your comments.


  2. I’m like elappleby – this one made me giggle. Put me in a very “Inspector Gadget” or Scooby-Doo-ish sluething mindset – well meaning incompetents who take their role way too seriously, whose sluething only deepens the mystery and accidentally solves it along the way. So great!! Thanks for another fabulous VisDare!


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