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Can You Imagine Riding From One World Into Another?

Just imagine, a bike that could take you into another world. When I saw this wonderful photo prompt from Angela at ‘Visual Dare’ that was my first thought.
Let me know what you think about my 150 word take on the prompt.

178736678932738663_hJbOWNY3_cA Wheelie Into Another World

Hitting the portal wall at just the right speed was essential. Too fast and he would disintegrate in an instant, too slow and the prospect of being trapped for all eternity in the limbo that lay between the two worlds lay in store. This was his third and final chance. After this the opportunity would be lost for ever.

The approach had been perfect. At exactly the right moment he had leaned back and lifted the front wheel off the road. There’d been a slight shudder and then the wheel disappeared. Ten seconds later the whole bike and Leon were gone. He’d done it.

I stood there amazed. All that rubbish he’d been spouting for the last month was true. He had found a portal to another world. He had worked out how to get through it. I just wish he’d done it with his bike rather than taking mine.


Click here – ‘VisDare 2’ – and read what others made of the prompt.


13 thoughts on “Can You Imagine Riding From One World Into Another?

  1. Yours is more light-hearted than miine. I’ve been flirting with this other world idea for a while now, and couldn’t take this pic in any other direction.

    Nice job. The last line zinger really makes it.



  2. When I was young it sometimes felt like my bike could take me to other worlds. I had kind of a tough childhood but sometimes when I would ride, I would forget all about it for a time.


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