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Music Lovers


Copyright - Roger Cohen
Copyright – Roger Cohen

The two cellos, battered and bruised, stood silently in the makeshift cubby hole, waiting for the next assault. It hadn’t always been like this. In earlier times they’d been loved and cherished. Every day, kind, artistic hands would gently caress them and they sang beautifully in response.

Now they stand, side by side, in the corner of a dilapidated classroom in some god forsaken, inner city school. Unloved and forgotten. Any moment now class 7B will burst into the room, ready for a lesson they hate. Rough hands will manhandle the cellos and the screeches of their torment go unheeded.


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38 thoughts on “Music Lovers

  1. I feel their angst! (I guess we should be glad that they still offer music in some schools…? Still, poor cellos! Hopefully they’ll find someone to love them again…)


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