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A Visit From The Doctor – A Story For Inspiration Monday

One of the prompts this week at Inspiration Monday was ‘keeps the doctor away’. This is the story that popped into my head.

A Visit From The Doctor

Being threatened with the ‘Doctor’, was used by parents across the world to keep their children in check. ‘Eat your greens or I’ll get the Doctor in.’ ‘If you carry on being naughty the Doctor will pay you a visit.’

They said he was very tall and dressed from head to toe in black.  There were even those who reckoned he only had one eye and walked with a limp. The one thing everyone agreed upon was his bag.  He always travelled with a small, brown, leather medicine bag. The general consensus was that if he ever visited you and opened his bag, you were done for.

“Sammy Evans! If you don’t get upstairs and tidy your bedroom this instant I’ll be sending for the ‘Doctor’.”

“Mum, stop treating me like a kid. I’m ten years old and don’t believe all that nonsense about the silly ‘Doctor’.

“Not believing will get you into trouble my lad,” said his mum, “It’s believing that keeps the ‘Doctor’ away. Now go tidy your room.”

Sammy sloped off to his room, muttering under his breath. He surveyed the chaos of his bedroom. Eventually his mum would win and he would tidy it but not today.

“So you’re not going to bother with your room young man, despite what your mother said?”

Sammy spun round, falling back on his bed as he did so. He looked across the room and saw someone sitting in his computer chair. His first instinct was to run like hell and scream for help, but he found he couldn’t do either.

“You know who I am don’t you Sammy? Of course you do. I’m so glad you’ve stopped believing in me. It makes my job so much easier.”

Sammy watched in horror as the stranger bent down and picked up a small, brown, leather bag. He placed it on his lap and slowly opened it. His eye left Sammy while he searched around inside, then he stopped, took something out and smiled. In his hand was a large syringe  with green liquid dripping from the tip of the needle. The stranger limped across the room, Sammy screamed but no one heard him.



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