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Another Woman

Taking part in the Trifecta challenge for the first time.

Another Woman

Despite the events of the last week Jimmy knew he’d survive, he always did. There’d been moments when he thought, this was it, the real thing. How wrong he’d been. In the end she turned out to be just like all the others, a lying, cheating bitch.

The anger boiled up inside him all over again as he remembered the moment he’d first found out. She hadn’t even tried to hide her behaviour. He’d seen her with his own eyes,  kissing him in broad daylight. Some smarmy looking bloke with a flash car.  It was more than he could take.

After all he’d done for her. Watching her flat every night  until  the lights went out,  imagining her safely tucked up in her big bed, all alone, waiting for him.  Following her every time she went out, waiting patiently for her to turn and call his name. Then there were the flowers and presents he’d sent every day, never complaining when she didn’t bother to say thanks.

But seeing her with another man had been the last straw, that’s when he’d snapped. Funny thing was she’d seemed surprised when he turned up at her front door, probably feeling guilty at being found out. She hadn’t wanted to let him in but he’d insisted. She even had the gall to pretend she didn’t know him, how could she.

He’d almost relented when she cried and begged him not to hurt her but, in the end, there was nothing else he could do. She needed to be punished. It was upsetting for him, losing her like that but he’d soon find someone new, he always did.



23 thoughts on “Another Woman

  1. Chilling how someone could create an entire relationship in their head and then think they need to off your for betraying them in the real world too. That’s why my horror stories almost always involve madness. It’s scary as all hell. Great job on the story!


  2. That was a very well-crafted story, Mike. You did an excellent job creating the world through your character’s warped perception of reality. I look forward to reading more of your work, now that you are retired and living the life!


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Ah the ‘retired life’ – sitting in coffee shops half the day, drinking lattes and writing, it’s not easy – but someone has to do it!


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