Why Me? – A 100 Word Story For ‘Visual Dare’

The prompt for this week’s 100 word story for ‘Visual Dare’ is Disobey, with a great picture to go with it. Got me thinking of Christmas.

121175046195428163_ApBVpX3F_cWhy Me?

Why me? Of all the horses in the royal stable why did she have to go and pick me. Christmas Eve as well. I’m not good with snow and this icy wind plays havoc with my knees. The disobedient princess we call her. Take tonight for example. The Queen tells her to go to bed, so she sneaks out and here we are. Told me she can’t wait. Wants to come and meet Father Christmas, make sure he doesn’t miss her out. As if he dare! Mind you he’s not going to be happy when he discovers she’s still awake!



One thought on “Why Me? – A 100 Word Story For ‘Visual Dare’

  1. Lovely!! The only one from the horse’s POV, and with a Christmas twist! Such a disobedient little princess!! Question is…does she live in world where Father Christmas will actually make an appearance, or is her disobedience the beginning of a different sort of story?? Hmmm…

    Love this piece. Thank you for another excellent Visual Dare!

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