‘Who Did It?’ – Five Sentence Fiction

Always some great prompts and stories over at Five Sentence Fiction. This week’s word is ‘business’. If you haven’t already done so check out the great idea that Lillie from FSF is involved in called ‘Business Card Fiction’

Who Did It?

“This is a bad business boss, he made a hell of a mess when he hit the floor.”

“Any clues yet whether he jumped or was pushed?”

“Not yet boss, forensics are still scraping the bits up. They’ll be able to tell us more when they’ve got him on the table and start putting him back together.”

“Right, I’m off to talk to the widow, Mrs. Dumpty, meanwhile I want you to speak to the Kings men, see if anyone saw anything suspicious.”



13 thoughts on “‘Who Did It?’ – Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Wonderfully creative, a definite smile generator! A new twist on an old rhyme, I’d never pondered how or why Humpty fell until now! 🙂

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