Toys That Fly

Taking a break from NaNoWriMo to squeeze in a quick 100 word story for this week’s ‘Friday Fictioneers’.

Toys That Fly

“Are your men ready Jones?”

“Yes sir. I’ve got people stationed to the back and sides of the tent. There’s no way they can get out. I’ve also got two snipers in the Big Wheel behind us. They are in position and waiting for your order to fire.”

“Let’s pray to God it doesn’t come to that. First we need to move those kids, we don’t want any civilian casualties, and Jones ……”

“Yes sir?”

“I want it done discreetly. We don’t want to spook those toys. If they get the chance to fly out of there, we’re in real trouble.”



38 thoughts on “Toys That Fly

  1. FFers had a choice… flying toys or sunglasses. Guess who the winner is so far? Flying toys, of course. Since snipers are ready, could these toys be terrorist weapons, containing poison or deadly toxins? Horrible thought.

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