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I Love Every Bit Of You

Another 100 word story for ‘Visual Dare’ – I just can’t resist some of these photos.

I Love Every Bit Of You

We could have been so happy here. Our own secluded love nest, buried deep in the forest, miles from anywhere. The post box left well away from the cottage to ensure we weren’t disturbed.  Why did you have to go and spoil it all by saying no, surely you realised that I couldn’t just let you walk away, not after all I’d planned.

Your beautifully manicured hand looks so serene, holding that note declaring my undying love. I’ve now  got so many parts of your body, which I plan to leave in all  our special places, to remind me of you.



8 thoughts on “I Love Every Bit Of You

  1. that is sooooo creepy and yet you get a sense of his real “love” for her however twisted!
    And I’ve learnt an important lesson – beware a man who wants to live deep in the woods secluded from the world where no one will hear you SCREEEEEAAAAAAM!


    1. Thanks for your comments Sarah.
      You’re quite right. You only have to look at our Fairy Tales, rarely do you come across ‘nice’ people living in little cottages deep in the middle of the forest!


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