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A Night In The Woods

For a change I’ve posted a short story that was not in response to a prompt. This one just sits here, all alone. I’m not sure where it came from or why I wrote it. Please let me know what you think.

A Night In The Woods

If anyone found out, I would have to resign. That would be followed by the inevitable inquiry and a good chance of a lengthy prison sentence. I had no choice but to stop her before anything was said. A shame really. Another time, another place and things might have been so different. Always a sucker for a pretty face and a great pair of legs, I’d allowed myself to be tricked, to be taken for a ride. An experience I hadn’t enjoyed and something she would have to pay for.

This heavy mist was fortuitous, finally Lady Luck seemed to have taken my side. I dragged the bulky bundle from the car, across the clearing and into the trees. Despite the thick black bin liners and the heavy use of yards of parcel tape I’d still managed to accentuate the delightful curves of her body. Even dressed from head to toe in black plastic, she still had a certain radiance about her.

I dug silently for over an hour, keen to ensure that the hole was not too shallow. The last thing I wanted was for her body to be found too quickly. As I shone the torch on the evenings work I felt the bundle move against my foot. The drug I’d given her was finally wearing off. Kneeling down I carefully cut three holes in the plastic, two where her eyes were and one in front of her mouth. Then, positioning the torch by the tree so that she could clearly see me, I carried on digging, picturing the terror in those pretty eyes of hers.

It was not until I’d gently lowered her into the prepared grave did she start to scream. The screams continued, unabated, as I slowly shoveled the freshly dug soil back into the hole. I left covering her head until the end. I so wanted her to see just how much I was enjoying this. The screams became more muffled as the wet soil fell on her face.

As I walked away I thought for a moment I could still hear those tortured cries coming from the earth beneath my feet, I knew they couldn’t last. By morning the woods would be silent once more and my problem over. I smiled to myself, this had been a good night.


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