It’s Not Funny – 100 Word Story for ‘Visual Dare’

Another wonderful photo prompt from the great ‘Visual Dare’

It’s Not Funny

OK then, come on, who did it?  That kid didn’t get stuck up that pole by himself, one of you little buggers put him there. Was it you Carruthers?  Or maybe it was you Smythe-Jones, I seem to remember you being responsible for a similar incident only last week. Exploiting the poor and down trodden, treating them like dirt is one thing. In fact, it’s almost expected of young gentlemen like yourselves but you must learn to do it less publicly. This sort of show of power gives us all a bad press. Fenton-Jones, get him down at once and dispose of him quietly.



9 thoughts on “It’s Not Funny – 100 Word Story for ‘Visual Dare’

      1. I agree the names do fit particular stereotypes. I was in a writing class once and for homework we each had to write a description or story with the character Celia Garrett in it. Most of us made her an older woman and several decided she had been an actress.
        The most original character with that name was created by the oldest member of our group who was well into her eighties! Her Celia was young and vibrant.
        Great writing as usual!

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